Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer in New Zealand: Week 3

Sophia's 9th Birthday! She requested an angel food cake with fresh berries,
which was proudly made by her mum!

YEEAAHH! Personal pizzas for all the birthday guests. Pineapple and bacon
were among the favorite toppings. Yes, it was a lot of work for mommy Enaj!

Sophia's little toes and my mosquito bitten foot step onto the beach at Lake Taupo.

After visiting a glass shop in town, we all took a dip in the refreshing lake, renowned for trout fishing.

Driving back through Tongariro National Park, the sun settles behind Mt. Ruapehu, which is one of the
world's most active volcanoes. 

Cheers! Here's to auntie Stella who made a chicken curry with green beans. Notice the Tabasco bottle?
Had to spice up the dish after the fact, couldn't make it too spicy for the little Kiwis.

Make a funny face if you want dessert! I think Sophia wins this one.

Awww, little Carter didn't like the water. Good thing Dad is around to carry him! 

It was warm and sunny at the beach, the winds were roaring across the Tasman Sea. The kids loved the 
water, but we all could of done without the sand flying into our eyes!

I love the country...this is a stand in front of a house where one can purchase fresh eggs, honey and
vegetables on the honor system. 

Deven, Sophia, Georgia and James demonstrate the "hand" signals of the Pee Wee Kiwi Campbell Street
gang of Wanganui - West side.

Everyone hold up their Tamagotchi's!

With mastery and precision, Deven cooked me up a delicious omelet!

Carter giving me a nonchalant kiss in the morning. He's more interested in looking good for the camera!

Sophia, Deven and Georgia braved the 800+ steps up Durie Hill to see the views of Wanganui and its river.

Deven and I climbed up Durie Hill Tower, a memorial dedicated to fallen soldiers of WW1 from Wanganui.

Sophia and Rick check out the panoramic views of Wanganui.

View of Wanganui, looking west towards the Tasman Sea.

Oh, what to do with my leftover New Zealand money? Okay, candy for everyone!

As I sat in the plane before take-off, I snapped a photo of my beloved New Zealand family as they waved goodbye.

After being home in LA for a couple of weeks, I received this drawing from my niece. I love the curly-Q runway,
the family waving goodbye and my little head looking out of the plane's window. The only thing missing were
the tears running down my face. Yes indeed, I'll be back...

Presenting the Kiwi Bunch!
Enaj, Carter, Rick, James, Alice, Deven, Stella, and Sophia.

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