Friday, January 16, 2009

Summer in New Zealand: Week 2

Packed up the kids and went camping at Kaitoke Regional Park, which was the filming location for 
Rivendell and the Fords of Isen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Set up tents by the river and went tramping
in native bush forest, which is filled with fern trees - a national emblem of New Zealand.

Mom watching over Carter as he fights through the jungle to save his auntie Stella!

Deven shows off his latest acquired artwork - a temporary site installation
via SPF 30 - by his buddy James.

James and Deven conquer the river, but despite their efforts, sandflies are abound! But the crystal clear water
and bright, warm sun made it a perfect day.

Deven demonstrates his cannonball jump into the refreshing Pakuratahi River.

Sophia manages to find a comfortable spot in the Pakuratahi River, which drains into the larger Hutt River.

Deven, Rick and Carter stand on a swing bridge over the Hutt River, which provides most of the municipal
water for Wellington.

Snuggled up in a sleeping bag, Sophia sleeps with her eye's partially open...or is she awake and spying on me
with her little tiger?

Roasted Leg of New Zealand Lamb! Made with garlic, lemon and rosemary - not too shabby for a first time try.

The family enjoying a home made dinner of roasted lamb, smashed red potatoes, broccoli and of course some vino!

Sophia and I made some delicious peanut butter cookies.

After a morning run, I saw Carter awake in his parents bed through the window.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stella!
Beautiful photos. I miss my Lee-Baum clan but so happy to see they are thriving in New Zealand.
love Kathleen (Enaj's college mate)

Alice said...

Great pictures, Stella.
Miss you already.
Take Care.

Alice and James in NZ.
xxx 000