Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kameron and Architecture in Seattle WA - August 2009

Kameron chilling with his favorite Auntie and his three buddies - Zoe, Casey and Lucy.

The first Starbucks at Pike Place Market.

The lobster tails are huge!

Awww, almost got a shot of the fish in mid-air at the infamous Pike Place Fish Market.

Kameron is too cool to poise for the camera with mommy Karen, daddy Ken and aunties Michelle and Susan.

The Space Needle peaks above Frank O. Gehry's Experience Music Project.

A vortex of guitars takes center stage inside the 140,000 sq. foot building.

A large digital screen projects graphics dancing to music.

The entrance and "blob" shapes of the building.

Kameron takes in the scenery on the "Flash Gordon" monorail to the EMP.

The exterior shapes symbolizes the energy and fluidity of music.

Travel buddies - Susan, Michelle, Trish, Brett, Sonia and Danny.

Pork anyone?

Little Kameron having fun with daddy Ken!

Visited the Seattle Central Library in downtown by architect Rem Koolhass. At 412,000 sq. feet and a price
tag of $165 million, it has the capacity for 1.4 million books and 400 computers.

Level three provides a "living room" type of space for patrons to gather and read.

With ceilings as high as 40 feet, the Reading Room on level ten seats 400 patrons.

The diamond-shaped steel and glass skin boosts 10,000 panels of glass. To keep out heat and glare inside
the building, a barely visible thin aluminum mesh is encased between two panes of glass in areas that
receive the most direct sunlight.

Stopped by Seattle Univeristy to check out the chapel by architect Steven Holl.

Interior of the main sanctuary.

Mommy Karen and little Kameron by the Baptistry.

A "light vessel" by the choir, one of many through out the chapel.

Looking through the entry doors at the reflecting pool and bell tower.

Finished off the weekend with brunch at Coastal Kitchen, located in the Capital Hill district of Seattle.

Kameron showing off his talents with a linguini mustache at Elliott's Oyster House.

On the way home I got a great view of Mount Rainier, which stands at 14, 411 feet.